Vale Jean Burgess

Today we buried Jean Heather Burgess.   Jean was a stalwart for the community and battled governments of all sorts for help for pensioners, Geeveston, Health Transport and inaugurated the Pensioners Union in Geeveston. Jean was a member of Streetscape and used to physically garden in the streets to beautify our town. She advocated for our Community Bank which is now one of the most successful in Australia with almost $200 million on the books. The bank gives away to the community 80% of its profits.


Jean was a treasure and we will remember her fondly. Jean featured in our Landline Video which is going to be posted on this site shortly via Youtube.

Previously a valued member Peter Bennett passed away and he was a tower of strenth with his gardening work and knowledge and work in Heritage Park.


These are two of our heroes who will be featured in coming posts.