Bendigo Bank Committee Geeveston Dover Original Committee 2003 They started it all.

This group were the Steering Committee and foundation committee of Huon Valley Financial Services. From Left.  M Dunn (Dover) Stewart Thorn (BEC Executive) Steven Nichols (Cygnet) Lindsay  (Dover) ScottMcKibben (Geeveston) Glenn Doyle (Geeveston) Laurie Dillon (Chairman) (Geeveston) David Bayne (Geeveston) Peter Pepper (Port Huon) Suzette Seabourne (Dover) Kaye Coulson (Dover) Amber Bean (Geeveston)   As of […]

Empire State

The Formrunner Program is delivering this week. 3 out of 6 yesterday.   The design and ease of use of the program is now a fun thing to do and quickly gives a print out of today’s work and selections. The Racing Program is usable 7 days a week and collects form on every galloping race […]